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Originally Posted by -Az- View Post
that's some real food for thought ced

I was just reading the red spectrum causing algae. also plants (and coral) have adapted to their natural depth which means that too much red can be detrimental.

i understand what you're saying about the visual aspect of the yellows and greens.
it still amazes me that the colour things appear is the colour they're not.

i think i'll stay with my reef capable amount of blues but play with my wiring so that blues, whites, pur colours and aesthetic colours can be controlled and dimmed separately. thus i can have whatever temp/spectrum i need.

what i love about the diy led approach is that if i think i'm short of red or whatever i can just add a couple of LEDs and problem solved.

i haven't ordered yet but i shouldn't be far off. just finalizing some details.

let us know how your build goes. are you using dimmers?
Ideally I'd like to use dimmers but I'm trying to maintain a budget right now. I have 4 non-dimmable and 2 dimmable drivers but I'm not sure the dimmable drivers work. If they do, I'll have dimming capabilities for 1/2 of my LEDs (currently planning for 4x13 strings of 3W LEDs @ 700mA).
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