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Default Dealing with BGA in a slow growing crypt tank...

Ongoing battle with BGA... I did the research, read many articles and took friend's advice (thank you). People seem to think BGA is easy to erradicate, I wish I could concur

BGA is still lurking in my beloved crypt tank...Here's what I managed to do to fight the BGA to date (since Dec)...

-cleaned filter
-maintained Nitrate at >40ppm
-increased water movement
-reduced light intensity (raised lights)
-reduced photo period (to 8hrs)
-mechanically suction/remove BGA
-prune dying or affected leaves

I did NOT do the following (for fear of damaging crypts):
-use anti-biotics
-dose excel
-blackout tank

I know part of the key to success are thriving growing plants, unfortunately many of my crypts are of the slow growers.

I've seen a reduction of the BGA, but yet it lurks and remains visble in my tank. I've been fighting this thing for 5wks now and I'm about to give up and re-boot my tank.

Any advice or spiritual guidance is appreciated
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