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Default plants are getting light green, yellow then became like a Sieve

3 years ago, i used to have frontosa and Oscar fish. 8 months ago i started having discus, neon and some plants, after 5 months, developed to have full planted tank, 1.5 centimeter of substrate and 4 centimeter of gravel , it was magnificent.

the plants were growing well and very fast, i used to run the lights and co2 1 bubble/sec. for 12-14 hour a day, my swords grows up to 80 centimeters and so other plants till i started cutting the edges.

after tow months , i discovered some hair algae and alot of black spots on the leafs. i hocked a UV sterilizer, used my hands to get the hair algae out of my tank lost a lot of plants because i cut the damaged plants with black spots, i used a fish care specialist (green a way), turned the lights off for 2 days, i changed 30% of tap water, then i used (Nitrifying Bacteria 14 in 1), it works to get rid of the algae.

but now after (2 weeks) is the horrible thing . my plants color gets light green, yellow and some of them became like a Sieve as shown in my photo album no3.
my Tank is a 29 gallons.
120 ltr of tap water, Temperature 83 F.
60w 10000 k & 40w 6500 k.
ph controller, co2 kit fixed at 6.85 through the day, but goes up to 8.01 at night.
UV sterilizer 11watt.
2 discus and a bout 35 tetras, neon, rummy nose, red eye, Green fire and zebra, all of them are small size.
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