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Originally Posted by AUvet14 View Post
I kinda skimmed all that, but I believe you've read my thread on my spirogyra treatment with H2O2. Yes, it appears to work for most of it, but then the spiro comes back. I'd recommend removing any inverts you might have and using AlgaeFix.

As for your lighting, what wattage bulbs are they? It sounds like you have TONS of light, which could very well be a big part of the problem. I'm also trying to fix a BBA problem. I only have 2x 39W T5HO on my 30 gallon, ~4'' above the water level, plus a glass top, which impedes light and decreases light intensity. I still have PLENTY enough light for growing the light-demanding stems that I have and my glosso carpets with no problem. I have my pressurized CO2 turned up to about 2.5-3bps. I use EI dosing with the same fert package you got. I have tweaked with a number of things including rinsing out filter sponges, increasing dosing, slightly decreasing dosing, and nothing has seemed to fix the problem causing the BBA. I don't know the PAR reading at the substrate, but I feel pretty confident it would be in the high-very high light range, and that's with only 2x 39W T5HO. I can't imagine how much 4x T5HO would be. My next step is to drill new pin holes in my canopy so I can raise my light another ~2'' (my light is a DIY 2x T5HO that is mounted as a shelf inside my canopy). I think too much light might be big part of the problem, or at least it's definitely not helping your situation.
I think you're right. +1. I battled two algae outbreaks for a whole month and won! Only to have the BGA and Hair algae start slowly coming back.

I think my two 10w Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) are a little too bright for my 10g low-tech planted tank. However, I think I could fix the algae permanently if I could get organic nutrients out of the water. It is also within the realm of possibility that I'm still dosing too much Flourish Comprehensive. Plant mass is also a little low after the algae debacle.

Pic: Recent, I doubt you can see the algae giving me problems now. Sorry, bad pic...
MY TANK: Planted 10g; 2 x 10W CFL; Fluval U2 internal filter; MGOCPM/black sand cap
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