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Default Centerpiece fish for tank of tiny fish?

As you may or may not know, I recieved a 65 gallon aquarium for Christmas. My plans for it are a school of 8 or so pygmy cories, 5 or so slight larger cories like Julii cories, 5 or so zebra danios, 12 or more smallish pencilfish, something like 3-5 otocinclus, and a twig (farowella) catfish.
I will most likely also have 3 female bettas, and maybe a male swordtail if I find one I especially like. I also might add 5 or so Endler's livebearers, if I find some nice ones, and possibly a sparkling gourami or two.
Since all of these but the twig cat stay on the small/tiny side and the tank will be pretty heavily planted, this seems like a perfectly doable stock to me.
Can anyone recommend a peaceful 'centerpiece' fish that gets maybe 3-4 inches long, stays mostly in midwater, and won't eat my tiny fish? I was thinking maybe some kind of ram, maybe German Blue, but I don't know how these are with tiny fish. They're really pretty, and from what I've heard, they're peaceful. I know angelfish will probably scoff my teenies, and discus are just too difficult.
Also, do you think I could add any more to my schools? Maybe up the pencils, or even add another school? Tetras?
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