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Originally Posted by AquaticStory View Post
I'm going to transfer my turtle
into my 75 gal and I was wondering
what to use. Sand or gravel? I will
also have plants in here. I was going
to go for pool filter sand because it's
much cheaper, but people said the turtle
waste will sit on the top and I would have
to clean it daily. My filtration is a fluval
406 100 gal. If I'm going with gravel, I would
need about 150 lbs of gravel for a 75 gal?
That's pretty expensive though. What do u guys
I think sand is more natural and easier to clean since turtles produce solid feces and it rests on the surface and doesn't fall into the gravel.

I mean yeah, you won't notice the waste as much with gravel, but it doesn't mean it won't BE there.. I personally would rather have waste visible and easier to clean up..

Also sand will pass through their digestive tracts more easily if any in ingested.
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