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Finally got my samples yesterday after two weeks of waiting, I was beginning to wonder where it was!

I have a community tank full of an assortment of schools, and upon feeding just a pinch of these blackworms I had a frenzy on my hands, fish were darting back and forth at the surface nipping at my hands for the worms. Lots of splashing involved.

Neons, Cardinals, White Cloud, Rummy-nose, Glo-Lite, CPD, Flame Tetras, and Kuhli Loaches love these worms, they prefer them over their regular flakes and frozen bloodworms!

The product speaks for itself, and at 100 grams shipped straight to your door for $20, the price is unbeatable!

I also offered small amounts to various other specimens.

Map Turtle - took a mouthful and finished it off in the water
Large Crayfish - attacked my forceps trying to get the chunk away from me
Dwarf Shrimp - showed mild interest in single worms
Goldfish - hungrily devoured every worm in sight, going as far as to harass other goldfish for their portions
Angels - not a single worm left in the water column OR on the substrate bed

It's evident that a wide range of creatures will happily accept these delicious nibbles!

Are there any listings for the nutritional value of these worms? I would love to compare their value to brand name competitors to see if I can replace a large portion of my food with blackworms!
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