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Awesome...Yeah I could up the number of the Harlequins, I didn't want to overstock but I think it'll be ok.

Yeah I still have a lot of reading to do on Discus..They and the Rams will be the final additions once I'm really comfortable will all the other fish and plants being healthy. I have a spare 3 foot tank I was hoping would be alright for a Discus QT also.

You have some experience with Rams, if I introduce four, will they pair and fight? Or kind of school, with a pair and two that tag along?

I really love the Sterbai cories, they're cute and interesting, though I've rarely seen them locally.. Probably have to order online.

That'd be great. I plan on it being fairly heavily planted. I'm reading the thread Beginners Guide to Discus currently haha. Thanks again!

Edit: I MAY already be reconsidering discus.. They might be more of a I'll aim for them and try to get everything perfect, but if it's not going perfectly I'll probably stay clear.
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