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Default HF's 75 // Half wood & Half plants

My favorite fish of all time is the Bolivian Ram. So just a heads up.

So I had gone from this in my 40gal breeder:

This was my pride and joy, but personal matters got in my way.

To this when a got a free 75hard scape)

I loved this tank as well, but I didn't like having fake plants, as well as a hardscape when Bolivian Rams really don't live in the African Rift Lakes.. lol

And now to this:

Short(low quality) video of the awesome piece of driftwood.

I had put the fake plants in there to help my impatient self cope with having just wood in there.. lol

But so far I have ordered Vals, and a ton of crypts.

Not looking to do alot of demanding plants this time around, so it will be a simple tank.

Quick stats on tankcurrently)
Tank: 75 gal(got it for free!)
Heater: Aquatop 300W
Light: Odyssea 36" triple bulb 10kx1 6500Kx2
Filtration: Fluval C4 HOB /// EHIEM 2217 Canister(may be getting a second)
Substrate: Quikrete sand from Homedepot in the finest grade
Plants: All fake for now besides the small clumps of Dwarf Hairgrass in the very front right side of the tank
Decor: Rock that a nearby mountain donated to me Driftwood is Mangrove from my LFS
Other equipment: Glass tops, Coralife Digi thermostat

8 Bolivian Rams 2M/6F
2 Philippine Blue Angelfish
2 Random petco Angelfish
2 Bristlenose Plecos
Random oddball fish e.g. guppies, mollies
Bolivian Rams make everything better.

75 gallon Bolivian Ram tank Journal
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