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Default Newbie - low tech tank.

hello folks,

i am a newbie planning to start a low tech tank.
below are the stuff i am planning to start with. are the ok?

Tank: 4ft 67gallon
Stand: 4ft iron stand position near to window for some sunlight
Cover: 2 piece thin clear acrylic with some drilled holes to prevent fish jumping out
Light: 3ft Cool white LED light 7watts - is this good enuff?
Filter: 2 air-driven corner sponge filter - is this good enuff?
Background: blue or black - which color is better?
Soil: 1inch garden soil from nursery
Gravel: 1inch black gravel
Decor: Driftwood or Bogwood - i like to lower the PH a little to 6.5. which type of wood is better?

Plants: some low tech plants i have in mind.
floating plants - Tropical Hornwort
background plants - Jungle Val
midground plants - Windelov java fern, Crypt Beckettii (purple color?)
foreground plants - Java moss

Clown killifish
Threadfin rainbow fish
Oto or dwarf cory - which catfish is better?
Cherry red shrimps
Neon green shrimps
Aura blue shrimps
Malaysian trumpet snails

please advice thanks folks
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