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Default Green Water Woes

Well im back again with another algae issue. I solved my diatom outbreak in my 29g with ottos. Very cool little guys Im glad I read about them on here. I lost one of 4 during aclimation, but he had a nipped tail fin when I got him and I didnt notice till I got home.
Now ive got a bad case of green water algae. It started a 12 days ago and has gotten worse. I cant see past 3".
So after 50% water changes every other day for the first week I slowed down to 25% every 3 days. I tried dosing tetra algae control and it didnt do anything. After reading some articles I tried calling local pet stores to rent a diatom or UV filter. No one here in Columbus rents them. But the lady at Aquarium Adventures, where I got all of my plants, said that the ONLY way to get rid of it is a UV sterilizer, which they would gladly sell me for only $160... Well I dont have an extra $160 laying around before the Holidays and need to find another solution.
Now after reading online I found a few other suggestions so, after the Tetra Algae Control (didnt work) I have the Blackout method which I am scared of because I have alot of DHG and dont want to kill it, I read it does not survive a 3 day Blackout. Or the Diatom/UV filter(too expensive right now). Beyond those does anyone else have any suggestions.
H202 maybe?? Does that work on green water?
Whats weird is I had it in my 10g dirt tank when it was first cycling and it cleared up in a couple of days with large water changes. Should I keep up with the heavy water change schedule and pray??

My 90G is green too.

Just FYI about tanks
90G 4X32WT8s in Homedepot Diamond Plate fixtures
CO2 Presurized, PFS/River gravel sub with root tabs, dosing Flourish 2X week
29G 3X23wCFLs in domes, CO2 Presurized, PFS/Caribsea Sand w/ root tabs, dosing Flourish 2Xweek
10G MGOPM capped with gravel and sand, No CO2. 1X23CFL in Dome, No Ferts

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