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Originally Posted by Kathyy View Post
That would be a terrific discus tank but if I ever went low tech and could curb my collectoritis tendencies I would like to go with an eartheater tank. Sand substrate, big tangle of wood and rocks planted with epiphytes. Since there is lots of wood some plecos would be a good addition with your choice of medium to larger tetras for dither/schooling fish.
Aren't discus more difficult? Leaning towards low maintenance.

Originally Posted by Oxl View Post
How about a huge school of microfish such as Sparkling Gouramis, Endler's Livebearers, or Celestial Pearl Danios? Those are all shrimp safe so you could also grow quite a colony in with them as well.
Hmm.....kinda like that idea. Where would I go to get that quantity of fish? And how many?
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