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I was able to clean up the wood a bit and remove some of the nastier bits and sand down some pointy parts. I am still a little nervous of tearing fins but I got it as best I could. I also added plants. Lots of java fern, a little java moss, crypt wendtii's, a val, some bacopa, some ludwigia, a mystery stem, and a lily. I also threw in a weeping moss wall to the back. I am not sure that is going to stay once the fish go in. I seem to have lost the power cord to my led hood that came with the tank so i threw on 2 5.5 inch clamp lights from the Depot with 13w cfl's in them. There goes my ultra low light tank now. If I keep these on here it might be too much light for the growth rate I am looking for. Should be good enough for the cycle. I added some Seachem Stability to give the cycle a jump start.

Any idea what this is?
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