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Originally Posted by dprais1 View Post
"I don't really need another. I HAVE been trying, honestly--I could have dropped everything, slept away my Wednesday afternoons, and forged my hours sheet. I'm trying to be honest about this, and I feel somewhat punished for it, plus the threat of "not having a final paper up to par" is just sort of killing my soul a bit."
-do you really feel that you will be punished for being HONEST?

or do you feel you will be punished for not doing what was asked of you?

or do you feel you will be graded accordingly to how to how close you came to meeting the expectation?

often times people use words such as "punished" or "unfair" only when they fail to meet the expectation, seldom do these words pop up when their work meets the expectation.
No, I do not feel like my honesty itself is being punished. However, the situation gives the impression that, while I could have probably faked my time sheet and nobody ever been the wiser, that she will look at my paper now, knowing that I "didn't put the effort in", and grade it based on what she thought I did for it, when in all likelihood I will put more effort into this than into many of my other long papers (7 pages in a night once, which got an A and a comment telling me it was "very well thought-out and organized").

I'm afraid that, had I forced my paper and said I finished my 15 hours (or even forged an extra hour or two on top), that she would go "Okay, she put her effort in, it's B grade work." and that be the end of it.
While, having informed her of the situation, and being unable to complete the hours, she will look at my paper and say "She didn't plan well, she is incompetent, and if she had done all of her hours, this might have been A-quality work, but since she didn't do everything she could, it's only a C."
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