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I appreciate the recommendation but the sump is out - I live in a small condo and I'm concerned about it overflowing and noise. I've heard that the return can be designed in a way where that wont happen.. (and that a container filter can always leak) but I'm just more comfortable with a canister over a sump in my current home.

I like the redundancy factor of 2, thats a good point... when adding two filters can I just combine the gph/lph or do I need to reduce it?

Did some research and conversions:
2026 = 750 lph
2236 = 700 lph
2217 = 1000 lph
2075 = 1250 lph
2078 = 1700 lph
2080 = 1700 lph

Tank is 65G/219L

so a 2217 + 2026 = 1750 lph / 219l tank = 8x hourly flow to volume
one 2078 or 2080 = almost 8x hourly flow
two 2075 = 2500 lph /219l tank = 11.4x hourly flow to volume
two 2217 = 2000 lph /219l tank = 9.13x hourly flow to volume

Based on that.. having two 2075s or 2217s would be my best bet then? And the parts are cheaper on the 2217 so thats a bonus.
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