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I am not disagreeing with you that there are other ways to train dogs. I work part time at my local Petco as a dog/puppy trainer, and of course I am not allowed to hit any of the dogs, so positive reinforcement is the ONLY method I use.

However, there is no argument in the community that negative reinforcement is an effective and HARMLESS training tool if done correctly. when it comes to stubborn or ill-tempered dogs, sometimes negative reinforcement is the most efficient way to teach them.

You would not believe the stories I've heard of people beating their ill-behaved dogs and then having them lash out and biting them.

I do not do that crap. I am a passionate trainer with lots of experience and knowledge, so I find it insulting that I would even be grouped into the same category as these amateur trainers who have no clue what they're doing.

Most of them only have misconstrued conceptions of what dog behavior and psychology is, and all they know is the [censored][censored][censored][censored] they found on Google.

I do not make any of my dogs suffer. But I do punish them accordingly to their offense. If they maul another dog, or a trainer, they get the slap to the face. It's the equivalent of getting bitten by the pack leader. I don't go out of my way to rough up the dog, or to beat it into submission. Just a simple verbal scolding followed by a sharp and quick physical punishment.

So in your sense of the word, this is humane, even though it causes the dog discomfort and pain.
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