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Originally Posted by Bryanmc1988 View Post
what do you mean by running an inline? any pictures of what you mean? i might have seen it around but not sure what they are called so cant be 100% sure if i know what u ment.... also any pictures of your mouse solenoid and when else would i need to get it running... pictures would be great... also a picture of your power supply also =)
Running a solenoid in-line:

Power supply:

^ You just clip the connector off and use your own. (the solenoid is 12vdc)

How you could directly mount it to a regulator:

^ Not recommended if you think it might get bumped once in while. Brass 10-32 fittings aren't that strong.

Hope this helps.

Oh, these solenoids only use something like 0.67 watts. They run quite cool. I would like to mention though that the temps at which solenoids run at really aren't as important as you might think. What is important is that it is rated for a continuous duty cycle.(will the components of the solenoid hold up while powered for 8hrs at a time...)Quality does tend to vary from one manufacturer to another in that regard.
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