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Default Hayden's ADA 45-f: The End

Hello all,
I am beginning my new tank: an ADA 45-f. My idea on this build is to take my time. I saved up and bought high quality equipment, and I will take my time carefully assembling and scaping in order to truly appreciate it's beauty. It will sit in my room, so, because I am home-schooled, I can enjoy it all hours of the day
My scaping plans are fairly open at this point. I already ordered 10lbs of Seiryu stone from AFA, and I want a fairly "clean" looking scape, but I'll have to wait to see what the stones look like and such before I fill in details.
At this point, I own the Aquarium, stand, and lighting. I have ordered the filter, pipes, tubes, stones, and soil from AFA, and have purchased a GLA co2 system from a fellow TPT'er.

Here are the Specs for my soon to be setup:
Aquarium: ADA 45-f
Stand: Ikea Expedit
Lighting: Custom LED Fixture from RapidLED
Co2: GLA Atomic V2 nano
Dosing: EI (via DIY)
Substrate: ADA Aquasoil
Aquascape: Seiryu Stone
Flora: HC, Riccia Flutians, Eleocharis Parvula
Fauna: 12 Boraras Naevus, 6 Corydoras Habrosus, 2 Amanos

I will try my best in documenting the setup process, fingers crossed I can borrow a DSLR!

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