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Originally Posted by aweeby View Post
Glad to see that it arrived well. And sorry for sending you that messy moss. I didn't realize it was so full of clado. The stuff that's in there won't harm anything or spread very much, but shrimp and snails rarely eat it. I wouldn't risk shrimp with a betta. Algae killers should handle it if you are bothered by it, but take out the nerites to be safe unless you know you have one that won't kill inverts. I treated it (and washed it) before I sent it, so it should be on the tail end of life.
Thanks, no problem! It really doesn't bother me at all -- makes it feel "lived in" :P Ghost shrimp are cheap, and I wanted some for my 29G tank anyway, so I picked up 8 from Petsmart today... we'll see how Alpha does with one or two of them in there.

Originally Posted by aweeby View Post
Ammonia is a form of nitrogen that plants will consume... so ammonia poisoning doesn't sound likely. But whatever it was, the problem seems to have gone away.
Most of the plants just melted away -- could have been transitioning to the new tank, could have been poor handling by me, I'm not sure. Definitely a learning experience

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