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The plants in this tank are growing like mad now. I've increased the lighting from a 3 hour burst to a 5 hour burst. So the tank is getting a 12 hour photoperiod with 7 of those hours running 2 bulbs and 5 of those hours running 4 bulbs.

I've noticed improved growth in some of the plants, especially the Limnophila aromatica. It was growing pretty leggy, but now the growth is much more compact and starting to shift sideways, indicating that it's happy with the extra light.

The Nymphoides taiwan and red tiger lotus are both growing huge! The Nymphoides taiwan has grown to the surface twice with about 25 huge leaves. I cut it back once already, and today I cut all the leaves off, leaving just the base plant and roots. If it grows back, fine. If not, fine. It was just too big the way it was! I will have to remove it from this tank if I can't get it under control.

The red tiger lotus is putting put HUGE leaves! The leaves are as big as my hand with my fingers spread out! I cut out about 7 leaves the other day, but it just put out a ton more. So I cut out about 15 of the huge leaves today, leaving only the smaller new leaves at the base. I know it'll grow back fast. I wanted a big red tiger lotus, but I have never seen one with such huge leaves before! Fortunately, it's not trying to put out surface leaves so I'm happy about that.

The plants are growing so well that I'm having to do some major pruning to quite a few. I'm uprooting them, picking out the best 5-10 stem tops, and replanting those. There are so many plants in the tank, they're fighting for space to grow, and I'm fighting to find places to plant them all which is why I'm thinning some out now.

I really need to scape this tank, but I'm not sure how I want to scape it yet. I have a lot of different crypts that I need to move around which isn't helping with the space problem.

Eventually, I'll figure out how to use my new fancy camera so I can take some pics! I've just been really busy this last week so I haven't had time to read up on it yet.
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