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Mine doesn't totally have the black water look to it yet, though it will be in a few months once all the plants are established a little better... And it was started about a month before your deadline, though I'm fairly certain it isn't cycled yet. Still count?

*25(ish) gallon shallow square (picked it up on Craigslist for a a bag of sour skittles and a framed photo of Betty White, so, 3 bucks for the skittles?)
*3 18" t8 bulbs that desperately need to be replaced (free for now)
*300 GPH marineland 1140 powerhead with some pantyhose stuffed with filter floss wrapped around it to act as a sponge filter (free, old projects)
*200 watt heater set to 82 degrees (though the tank only measures out to 78) (free with tank)
*Substrate of Miracle Grow Organics Choice Potting Mix, and capped with Quikrete Medium All Purpose Sand. (8 bucks for the sand and soil)
*IAL leaf litter (6 dollars for a gallon bag shipped)
*locally collected driftwood and rocks (free)

*Java Moss
*Windelov Java Fern
*Crypt Wendtii
*Amazon Sword
*Rotala Green
*Pothos (sticking out of the top, nitrate sponge)
*Lucky bamboo (also sticking out of the top acting as a nitrate sponge)

*RCS colony (9 now, but one berried female, and 2 more that should berry up any day now)
Planned Fauna
*6 Chocolate Gouramis
*10 Pygmy Cories

And a few fairly recent pictures (though I need to take some more in a day or two after the recently trimmed Anacharis is visible again)

The rest of the images can be seen in it's Journal below.
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