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Everything is still alive. No fish yet. We're still letting it cycle. The planter plants are all doing phenomenally and so are the raft plants. The Java Fern Windelov is taking a while transforming from its submerged stage to its emersed form. Well worth the wait I'm sure.

Surprisingly, the Hypoestes (the pink plant) is doing pretty well. Its roots have grown and the leaves have oriented themselves towards the light. As you can see, the new leaves are growing in too. Whenever I knock it over, it reorients itself in less than 2 days.

The Spathiphyllum is flowering as expected. The Crypts are starting to send out new leaves. Particularly the C. Wendtii 'Tropica' on the far left planter looking like it will outcompete the brazilian sword but we shall see.

The submerged plants are melting and sending out new growth. Picture time:

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^ ignore the reflection of the hammock
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Still contemplating on fauna. Heavily leaning towards 6 or 7 cherry barbs mixed with golden danios? 2-3 Panda Corys, and what about shrimp? Any input on fauna would be greatly appreciated.
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