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After procrastinating for hours I decided that since I want to house OEBTs in this tank I am going to try and do this right.

Here are my plans now:
-UGF run by a Rio Plus 50 (noise is an issue in my office but since I spend most of my time looking at the tank instead of studying...)I also plan on using the output to run a breeder box occasionally.
-Moss tree: yeah I know some people hate them but I wanted to keep this tanks plants simple because it will be receiving no CO2 or ferts.
-Maybe installing a tank divider/overflow made of lexan to hide the heater, HOB intake, and pump/intake of UGF.
-I am going to stay with the Fluval Shrimp Substrate: Does any one have any experience with it and a UGF filter? Also would a layer of crushed lava rock below the shrimp substrate help?
-Most likely going to ditch the fan idea because I think the temperatures are mostly due to the heater. I am having trouble with getting this elite 50w heater to keep the tank around 70-74. It was good yesterday but today the tank is steady at 76 with the house temperature being the same.
-Still going to be a shrimp only tank unless the chili rasboras in my 10g need to be rehoused because the flow in that tank is too much.
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