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Originally Posted by Robert H View Post
Magazines would want you to use your own photos, not someone elses if you are reffering to the original post.

Those photos are awesome examples of the principals of aquascaping. The actual underwater Australian pic is very cool. I have seen several others like that which look like an Amano tank. To me that is truly fascinating. It would be nice to have more American aquascapers, even in our own AGA contest. Jason Baliban has been the most notable. There has to be more out there, somewhere.

How about discussing the basic design models:

Concave, Convex, Mound, and Triangle. Which do you prefer, which is easier, and how do you add your own uniqueness to any of them since they have all been done a million times?
You are absolutely correct. I would not be able to use those pics of course should a magazine decide they wanted to run the article. It was definitely only my intention to create a sticky with this however.

I made a shrimp guide as well, and same thing... many of the pics would have to be replaced with my own.

As for the "basic design models", I contemplated discussing these before I created the thread but decided that I would rather leave them out entirely because I feel like, often, they end up hindering creativity rather than ushering it along. Whenever I see someone pulling out the ruler just to measure their success at implementing "the rule of thirds", I feel like the point of aquascaping is missed somewhat.

I think they are fine guidelines for someone who has never done an aquascape before or else has no other design sense or background, but for almost anyone else, you can end up boxing yourself in a bit if you're not careful. I go by my own scapes several years ago just to confirm the bias.

It is interesting to read about, for example, the "rules" of iwagumi as if in nature such rules exist and that there is some Mother Earth out there ready to judge the validity of a sea shore. Even Amano himself has taken to dropping and not placing some of his hardscape elements lately, and doing his best to escape conventions.

All that said, if someone else wants to post their ideas about these conventions on this thread because they think it may help some people, I don't mind a bit.
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