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Default 90 community low tech

Tank has been up for 3 months. Had another thread but decided to move it here.
Here it is before everything started growing:

-2 dual Diamond plate T8 shop lights
-Eheim 2215 canister filter
-2 Eheim Ecco 2236 canister filters
-2 Hydor inline heaters

Mineralized top soil capped with white pool filter sand

-9 Cherry barbs
-12 Neon Tetras
-3 SAEs
-2 Bristlenose plecos
-ghost shrimp

-Anubias (nana, petite, golden)
-Jungle val + leopard val
-Dwarf sag
-Marsilea Minuta
-Argentine Swords
-Crypt Wendtii
-Amazon Sword
-Java Fern
-Red Ludwigia
-Rotala rotundifolia
-Hygro (stricta maybe)

-Mini Pellia
-Taiwan moss
-Java Moss

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