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Originally Posted by OverStocked View Post
The decorations/lava rock/wood will be fine with the chemicals. I highly recommend Metricide 14, as well, which is used as an excel replacement by many here. It is a surgical disinfectant

Metricide 14 has a TB kill time of 3 minutes. Any parts you're not attached to should be disposed of. Substrate, for instance.
Wow, that stuff is PRICEY!! While the 3 minute TB kill time is certainly attractive, I simply can't justify $28/gal when I have this much to clean (52gal main tank, plus multiple smaller tanks)

Regardless of which chemical I use, I'm still concerned about it soaking into driftwood or the lava rocks and either taking excessively long to soak back out or potentially being toxic to the tank.

The substrate is MTS capped with Flourite. Seachem actually recommends boiling Flourite as a way of sterilizing it. So, if I can confirm that heat-killing will work, doing so would save me a substantial amount on replacing enough Flourite for a 52gal tank!
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