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Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
Lol. I do see a pattern. All the crazy stuff no one else wants. Lol. The biggest thing I want right now is a reef tank. I want at least a 125 and the only fish I want if I had to choose one is a Volitans Lionfish. That tank is number 1 on my bucket list.
Yeah, I'm kind of an oddball myself, so I like oddball stuff I also want to get a reef tank. Sorry TPT'ers, I will have a bunch more freshwater tanks than that, but I would like atleast one reeftank. To me, they are like on a totally different spectrum than a freshwater planted tank. Where the freshwater is relaxing in a serene way, the reeftank will be relaxing but in a whole different way with the brightness and the lighter colored inhabitants and things.

Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
Horse back riding is amazing. Until you get thrown off. Ouch. But you heal, and get back on. Horses are amazing and powerful animals, but most are big sweethearts. If you treat them right, they will return the favor. The only reason I got thrown is cuz it got spooked by something outside the barn. It happens. Try it next time man. It is worth it.
I rode a horse as a kid, and have been around them alot in life, but I realise how big and powerful they are, and it just intimidated me a little bit. I will ride one some day, and would LOVE to have one. I think the kids would like them as well. They're little redneck babies We had a chance to get one at one time, from Craigslist. A person on there was trading one for a Yorkie, but we just wasn't prepared for one at the time. Some day, though.

Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
Hmmm. You may have to find an empty one. Or see if they will sell off the livestock and sell you the system separately.
Or you can just set a reeftank up, and keep the freshwater one you already have. You might even be able to switch them and have a big freshwater and make a small salt tank.
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