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Originally Posted by mr hyde
I've kept the co2 at 30 ppm or a bit higher for the last 3 months. I use the co2/kh chart and keep my ph at the right level to achieve the 30ppm. I also have a lamotte co2 test kit I occasionally use to double check my levels. Having high co2 levels was one of the things I had read about early on when I had this problem so I've kept a close eye on that one. My plants all do well, usually the water looks like a glass of 7up with everything pearling and growing well. Nitrates between 5 and 10ppm, phosphates between .5 and 1ppm. My nitrate kit is a lamotte, I use a red sea phosphate kit and have double checked my phosphate kit with another red sea kit to verify results. As far as I can tell everything is in order and this stuff should be clearing up but it just goes on growing on about everything. I trim the bba coated leaves every week and vacuum the fallen algae from the gravel. There is no trouble with any other type of algae, even my glass stays pretty much algae free.
So is it still growing or not?
You need to remove what's there.
The high levels of CO2 wills top the growth, it will not remove it.
You can prune it off easily and then replant.

But you claim it's not and it's still growing, unlike test kits, algae never lies, add more CO2 than you are. Ignore your test for a little while, slowly add more. If you have a little surface movement, that's ideal. Turn CO2 off at night, that will prevent high levels from building up and allow a chance to off gas at night.

Add more KNO3/KH2PO4/CO2 and traces.

Tom Barr
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