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Update shot- crappy phone pic!

Had a bad die off during the heat wave here in Newport last month. Tank hit 89 degrees for 3 days... ALL new growth melted and numerous rhizomes melted too (aka rotted)... IT SUCKED!!!

BUT as with all planted tanks, patience will cure anything so Im not overly concerned. It did set me back at least a month or two... Even the old strong adjusted plants melted.

100% of new growth (as in any newly forming leaves- at least one per plant) gone... My 2 big ones from Tongs went into stasis and still refuse to put out leaves...

So this is whats left and on the comeback trail. I inceased Co2 yet again and its jumpstarting nicely.

I did also lose a few Khuli loaches during the heatwave... And some got in the back filter (darn cat chewed the foam that blocked the spot they go through...) But those I can catch if Im patient. And one Khuli fell to the powerhead...

Worst of all, I haven't seen my favorite Khuli of all time for over 2 weeks... He may be in the back filter or dead from the heatwave...

My school of 5 true SAEs have demolished my shrimp population with the help of my 7 CPDs! Thats OK though as I have a dedicated shrimp tank to keep stocking the big one with. And once the plants get to full potential, the shrimp will be able to hide better!

Side note on the CPDs for So Cal Locals- Eye Candy is the only place close to me to get them but man do they sell some PITIFUL fish. Out of my last 15 only a few lived- the rest had CONCAVE stomachs and were in horrible shape... Beware of Eye Candy guys. Thats my 3rd and FINAL batch from them. The first batch was GREAT but the last 2 have been pathetic... And theres NO QUESTION they know the fish aren't healthy (NO QUESTION). You can tell by just looking... Thats what I get for not watching everyfish they put in a bag... really really poor... And NOT cheap... Thanks for nothing Eye Candy... No I never called them to resolve it, the fish should NEVER have been sold to begin with... Bad business period. And one less customer!

The positive news about the tank is-

1. still looks killer! Lots of plants doing great!
2. The headdress obviously took well! Its getting huge!!!
3. And everyone who sees it just flips out... I have the reef guys thinking freshies!

I also started adding real wood... The benefits are just too much to stay snotty! Ill be adding more as well...

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