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Originally Posted by Darth Toro View Post
I love the tank, it has such a great look to it. I hope you stick around on this forum so we can see it grown in some more. I just wanted to know how are you planting your anubias? Thread? Glue? Or something else?
Thanks! All this positive feedback is really cool guys!

The Anubias is just inserted in crevaces or roots stuck in the dense sand. One is tied to a piece of driftwood with fishing line (I didn't have any thread at the time) and the Java Fern was just 3 rubberbands.

The trick is to place all your Anubias and wait a week. As Plants float out of location or you change your mind on placement- it gives time for the roots to take. Once the stragglers and fussy pieces are in good locations CRANK the CO2.

Im willing to lose fish during this stage- its that important.

The cranked CO2 will cause a growth spurt and the roots will grow MUCH FASTER THAN THE LEAVES! The roots by nature want to grab onto ANYTHING. Ive grown Anubias on the back wall of a plexi tank... The bare back wall. Yup. They eventually grab onto ANYTHING (but I admit those few pieces took a long time and were more fluke than intent).

Its the root systems accelerated growth that causes the plants to really take off, fill in the gaps to hold the sand and lock the scape together! I used thread much more in the past but now I have a different take- the tank will create itself. No thread unless its a special piece (the driftwood tree or java bust) and no epoxy and no frame under the rock for support... Let things naturally take form. I did NOT plan this scape prior. As rocks were purchased and decisions were made, it took its own form! I just try not to get in the way!

Thats the fun with anubias!

If you have issues then thread is ABSOLUTELY the way to go! Works great!

Note- I chose rubberbands instead of thread for the java fern cause I did NOT want it to dissolve quickly. Rubberbands work great for a more long term plan cause they too rot and snap eventually but it takes much longer.

If you want to shorten the life of the rubberband- use an older one or stretch it too far a bunch before using it. Its the cracks that develope from stretching or drying out that eventually cause release from rot.
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