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Default Current photo set

I realized all the photos were older so heres shots today, crappy phone, CO2 bubbles EVERYWHERE (thats not algae on the front!)- in the water column cause Im running the power head method until I get serious about setting up multiple diffusors- ie Im lazy.

NONE of the Anubias have been trimmed much since purchase- but thats because I WANT algae to gow on the leaves so I can establish the proper cleaning crew. Once I see the algae disappear- I begin heavy pruning.

This is just prior to me doing that pruning of all questionable leaves, but Im still waiting for more root development.

If I do it right, then all new growth is algae free and the cherry shrimp population will assist in that ebb and flow. They are the best thing thats happened to planted tanks since amanos and ottos!

But honestly thats the trick to jumpstarting a tank IMHO. Crank the lights, let the algae cover everything, then start adding ottos, shrimp, plecos and SAEs. BTW- theres not one snail in my tank... I check everything like a freakin lice check!

Left Side-

Notice the freshwater clam- the blurry brown thing at the bottom in the gully... Hes got a full BEARD of algae around his siphon- looks awesome! I have two. Both crazy healthy! The other is buried. This side is where the Khulis live- all 14- in that rock (psuedo trunk) along the far left wall.


There is a 3 inch gully around the statue. Planting the petite caused the island to become undefined. Once the roots take, Ill tighten it back up.

Right Side-

A better shot to see how much rock there really is. Plus you can see the stepping and the coffeefolia planted in the crevaces. Just the dark rock in the back under the power head weighs 40lbs...

The rocks in front are literally against the glass(plexi) and they are the barriers for the hill. The HUGE stumps in the back are pressed flush (relatively) to the back wall. In an earthquake- this section wont budge! Rock front to back, side to side... Though that one up top by the nana falls over ANYWAY... But the rest will stay!
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