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Originally Posted by !shadow! View Post
wow that's awesome looking set-up there. You really put some dedication to your tank. The slope for the tank is another thing l liked. One thing that worries me is that the rocks might collapse unless you covered that already and didn't say it on the post. other than that good job! One question, how big is the tank and what kind of lightning system are you using?
In an earthquake, some of the top rocks would absolutely fall and being in CA real close to LA... BUT Ive lived here my whole life and I decided a long time ago to not worry about stuff like that... (But yeah, I still worry a bit...) I think the freakin cat is a bigger potential threat than the stability!

125 gallon with built in wet dry, full CO2 rig, and for lighting its changed-

It was 1/2 10000K, 1/2 actinic (left over from the reef rig) T5s. Thats ALSO why the pics look BETTER earlier on- its the reef lighting- way cooooler (yeah thats a pun)...

Now Ive switched to 1/2 10,000k and 1/2 6700k T5s.

Total watts 156 watts T5.

I also run my lights 14 hours a day... and... LEDs 16 hours a day... add in indirect light (skylight) and my tank gets only 4 hours of true darkness a day...

I run actinics (but the LED version). You can see the LEDs on the back wall- they are really blue. BUT if you turn them off the tank goes soooooooo yellow. And the LEDS stay on for 2 hours after lights off so imagine the effect from midnight to 2AM-

The camera cant handle the light properly but the pic gives the idea. Just imagine it WAY more subtle and you can see the fish... barely...

When I bailed the Rasboras that was the only bad thing- they glowed at night cause of the contrary color orange and their translucent bodies refract the light- none of my other fish do that. I bet many tetras would look great too.

DOWN SIDE- the filament algae. But my SAEs are eating some of it and it ONLY grows directly under the LEDs. Not too bad but definitely worth mentioning.

My planted tanks purpose is different than most... All I care about is 2 things-
1. Do I like how it looks (ie why the lights are on 14 hours a day- I hate it when the tanks off!)
2. Is it BEYOND easy to maintain! (reaction to reefing for the past 10 years)

Ive been doing tanks for well over 20 years. Ive consulted LFS, Ive designed and sold tanks and Ive generally been heavy fishy for a very long time. (Though Ive never gotten the chance to do a 6 figure tank or high end custom install- thats the dream!)

Im not that old, but this is my retirement tank! Low maintenance and high rewards! And every tank I build is for sale but... NOT this one! Petrified rounds are easy, but Ill never find a slab like that again...

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