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Default Tomb Raider Petrified Wood Anubias Garden- evolution pics p.1! video 3/6

NOTE- all pics are in this first post to make it easy to see the evolution! Tank is now 4 1/2 years old! Stock list is current as of 3/12/2015.

Wanted to share my tank as Ive purchased the Anubias Petite and others here. Plus its a little different than most...

Its inspiration was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom... then the large slab of petrified wood I bought made it feel more OG side scrolling platform games. Then once it started to develop it leaned towards Tomb raider and as the Anubias roots grow out- its really lookin legit!

Ive planned this tank for 15 years but never found a statue/bust that didn't look cheesy... Then my friend in Africa sent me the one you see here that I grew the Java Fern head dress on. That triggered the entire change (as this tank was a reef tank up until June. I had needed to change to freshwater for a while... the bust made it come together)

Then a few weeks of eBAY rock shopping and 800 dollars later... (though 1/3 of that was shipping!) Voila! I sold my reef tank for good money (just the contents) so I had more than enough to cover start up!

Heres the sequence from start to finish ending with the placement of the Anubias Petite.

The UPDATED current stock list-
4 Khuli loaches
1 candy stripe pleco
9 Rummy nose tetras
1 Farlowella
8 panda corys
3 Chinese Hill Stream Loaches
2-3 HUGE amano shrimp
4 Bumblebee gobies- freshwater, NEVER fed, living off cherry shrimp and LOVING IT! Best color Ive ever seen...
a bunch of ottos
a boatload of cherry shrimp
a boatload of Malaysian trumpet snails
a few freshwater clams


Crappy iPhone video- current as of 4/17/12

New crappy iphone video- 3/6/13

Day after reef switch

sand, anubs and Harlequin Rasboras (I later decided against them)

first batch of rocks, more plants


tier added, gully dug

more plants

the full 200lb lot of petrified rounds added (on top of the prior pics- yep 200 more lbs...) and end of rock additions, hill built

addition of Snow Bengal kitten and ADA 60F for him (hes sleeping on top cause I covered and hes annoyed!)...

Petite added to virgin sacrifice rock and statue base centerpiece


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