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Default anyone?

So first off full disclosure, you click on my link sign up and buy something I get a $25 referral credit. I'm in college and it is nice to get these, but I'm posting about the website because I genuinely think it is a good site with generally good prices on "designer" goods.

So I came across this website randomly while looking at getting some good prices on clothes. It is basically ocean state job lot or the christmas tree shop of designer goods. They have brand names and more obscure "high end" designer goods be it clothing, shoes, jewlery, or random items for the home or office or something else entirely, at a fraction of their retail price. Some items are much more crazy than others, many I would never buy ever regardless of how much money I ever have, but others are good pieces of clothing at a good price. I've gotten half a dozen pairs of shorts off the site and a few shirts, I've been pretty surprised at the actual business side of things and their packaging, it is pretty interesting.

These days I'm also really interested in "designer" and "premium" goods and the price they commend with usually extremely high profit margins and why people buy them over other goods, so is a bit of a personal case study as well. They also have "Jetsetter" which is 5 star travel at some types of discounts sometimes, or sometimes it is just access to events one can't normally just get tickets for, like the MTV movie awards (granted it is $2500...)

Neat site, if you join from my link and buy something I'll get $25 in credit to buy clothes too.

I'm really actually curious of what others think of this site and their business practice and whatnot, 24 hour sales and once it is gone it is gone for ever probably? High end items at "lower" prices? What do you think?

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