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The filter comes complete....
Right out of the box you can start to use it. It has everything in the package that you need to start diatomaceous filtering.
Like I say this is not a filter that you will be purchasing for every day use , its more of a medical filter.
For anyone that has cloudy water and is anal about "drinking water" clarity like me and has simply given up on the "Chemistry Lessons" that we beat into the ground , it will be money well spent. I have spent more money on test kits, reading books and forums, changing my tank habits,etc. for things that I cannot prove by way of testing and I just shrug them off now...

Hey lets face it...
Just check any forum, and you will find that the most common problems or "unexplained phenomenas" in a tank are GW and cloudy water....
Well...when you start throwing fertilizers , high watt lights, changing bio-loads (fish, plants)...things can happen to a tank and it can take weeks to clear...... diatomaceous filtering will clear anything (even disease like ICH) in 1 - 2 days
All my tanks are crystal clear and always have been... except my 56 gallon tank , which has been a thorn in my a~s ever since I set it up and I still cannot reason why. This tank is now getting to a point where I believe it is settling in because the water clarity is starting to reflect the water parameters... but I can tell you that the Diatom saved this tank from being torn down completely, I was that frustrated !

Im done babbling now :roll:
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