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ara35 11-13-2009 12:06 PM

what to do, what to do

i am loving the right side of my tank and the glosso has grown in GREAT!!!! I'll take a more recent picture when i trim it up. But what should i do with the left side??? im thinking of taking out the stargrass and cabomba. what can i put on that side? and should i close off the open spot in the middle of the tank?

Strick 11-13-2009 02:00 PM

Actually, I like the left side more than the right. More colorful and interesting.

What would look great, IMO, would be one long, curved piece of driftwood arching from one side to the other - kind of like a bridge between the two "islands".

Coltonorr 11-13-2009 03:50 PM

I also like the left side better.
X2 on the driftwood. How bout some mid and foreground plants. It should create depth in the scape.

ara35 11-15-2009 01:44 PM

heres the picture i meant to attach

what should i do

ara35 11-16-2009 01:58 PM

please give me some thoughts!!

crimsontsavo 11-18-2009 03:35 AM

Jam a nice arching hunk of wood in the right side facing the left side. Carve out portions of the wood to plant small scale species and some mosses too.

Create some mountains out of natural stone and include caves with mosses hanging off the entrances. Start on the left side with the mountains and taper them off slightly when you reach the right side. Maybe make a taller mountain slightly off centered in the middle of the background.

On the left side use small pieces of interesting twigs to create a "dead" forest and then underplant that with varying type of plants for contrasting texture and color.

Gonna have to trim those bad boys often!

Just an idea of course!

alym 11-18-2009 04:49 AM

I agree - you need some hardscape. Also, trim your right side plants in an angle, sloping up to the right to give that side some depth. If you're doing a 2-sided scape, then you need to have 2 sides with stuff -- otherwise, the 'perspective' you're trying to create is lost.

Not sure it that helps...

trigun808 11-18-2009 09:02 AM

i swear if you find a nice size stump and put it on the left side it would look nice to me! haha and or take out or move the stones

Coltonorr 11-18-2009 01:18 PM

Definitely need hardscape.
Some driftwood would look nice. Especially manzanita. I think some branches of manzi coming out of the right side would look nice. Also a red plant of some kind would add alot IMO.

I also think the carpet plant "street" is too centered. I would spread it left

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