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hydrophyte 07-31-2009 06:24 AM

Product Updates!
The Riparium Supply product line has a couple of important new developments. Visit our online store catalog page to find out more:

Mushroom-head Fasteners: The Trellis Rafts and Hanging Planters are now equipped with mushroom-head fasteners, which replace the hook & loop fasteners that were previously included in the product packs.

These durable plastic fasteners maintain a much stronger bond than hook & loop and, significantly, each individual piece can mate with any other piece, a feature that greatly facilitates the positioning of Trellis Rafts in the riparium composition.

Plastic Planter Labels: There are hundreds of species and varities of emergent aquatic plants that can grow in a planted riparium. Unless kept with plant specimens, identification data can be easily lost. This potential hazard is especially important to keep in mind when growing the emersed forms of aquarium plants, which are often quite different from the immersed forms. We found a plastic planter label that fits perfectly in the Hanging Planter cups.

The label is slid into the space between the inside rear surface of the planter cup and the planter screen. The very top of the label is printed with black ink so that it is visually obscured against the dark aquarium background. The blank rear surface of the label has plenty of room for plant variety information, which can be written down with pencil or fine-point permanent marker.

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