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cousin it 02-23-2003 01:04 PM

two months ago I fitted a set of t5 tubes to my main tank in that time I have seen a huge difference in the growth rates of my plants, which is good as I'd be a bit upset if they had not changed.
my red tiger lotus is now becoming a monster with leaves that are nearly 8" across but it is developing a flower spike so for the time being I will let it get larger
the pics can be found Here

Buck 02-23-2003 01:42 PM

Long time no see muh friend :)

Your tank is an inspiration as usual ! It has really grown nicely for you.. and I really like that stellata's look in "bush form" . That will be HUGE when all those new stems grow out ! Sometimes I wish I could just freeze the plants growth... just say " look perfect just like that ! :hehe:

Stunning as usual... and that Lotus has the largest leaves Ive ever seen in captivity ! This tank never cease's to amaze me...

Thanks for the update... and dont be such a stranger ;)

Buck :cool:

cousin it 02-23-2003 01:57 PM

thank you :)
life seems to have got in the way just lately.
I have had several tanks to sort out the worst being a friends planted tank which had to be moved out of one room due to their house being flooded, and then returned the next day and reset up, good excuse to re-scape it at the same time.

I have wished that I could slow down the stellata quite often I had to slim it down by nearly 30 stems a couple of weeks ago as it was nearly reaching from one end of the tank to the other what I did not realise was that where I had trimmed it to submerge it again there was flower buds developing and I thought I had killed the plant as it stopped growing for about a week whilst it developed side shoots.
the lotus is growing great guns ( might have something to do with a 22,000k tube over it )

hopefully now that every thing is sorted now ( including getting my pc to start every time ) I should be about more often.

SNPiccolo5 02-24-2003 10:07 PM

Are you sure you didn't digitaly enlarge that tiger lotus?! The 22,000 K lighting is interesting, but GREAT tank!


cousin it 02-25-2003 05:56 AM

there are times I'd like to digitally reduce the lotus so that it fits into the aquascape.
the 22,000k lighting works like a treat the tube I'm using was developed to grow sps corals but seems to encourage freshwater plants to flower quite nicely.
and really gives red plants a major boost.

Buck 02-26-2003 02:11 AM


there are times I'd like to digitally reduce the lotus
:hehe: :hehe:

Do run that 22,000k all the time ?

cousin it 03-13-2003 10:44 PM

sorry for the delay in answering :oops:
I run the 22,000 for the whole photoperiod of 11hrs a day.

SNPiccolo5 03-13-2003 11:35 PM

Just a thought, but here goes. Since red plants are red, wouldn't that make sense to say they are deeper water plants? And, blue light reaches the deepest of depths, so maybe they need lots of blue light, which is why they are usually considered HIGH light plants by regular standards, since it takes a LOT of light out of a standard 5000-6500 K bulbs to produce a lot of blue light... Anybody know any more information about this?


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