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itzjustjeff 05-15-2009 03:02 AM

DIY bubble counter
So I got really tired of staring at my large bubble counters next to my fish tank and decided to start a DIY bubble counter project that attached directly to the two liter bottles.

This is how my old one looked

Anyway, here is a list of things needed for the project. I just found things lying around that I have no use for. Of course you can improvise to fit your needs!

Tubing from my old UGF and Silicone

2 caps and Teflon Tape and Dr. Foster Check Valve

First, you will need to drill holes in both bottle caps.

On the bottom cap, glue the bubble counter to the hole, using a rubber band to hold it in place. Output side up!

I divided the tubing of my old under gravel filter into three segments, fitting the caps of my three 2 liter bottles. I used silicone adhesive to connect the tube to the top of the cap.
My weapon of choice was a 3 head torch

After softening the tips it was much easier to have it leveled with the cap, rather than have a tilted bubble counter.

While that was sitting to dry, I worked on the top half. I used the hard airline tubing and glued it to the top bottle cap. While that is drying, fill the bottom half with water to whatever level is pleasing to you. I then filled the lining of the bottle cap with silicone and placed it cozily onto the UGF tube, again with the help of the torch! After that, I ran an air pump to the bottom cap, through the check valve, to check for leaks afterwards. I submerged the entire thing and plugged the top hole with my finger while still having the air pump running.

If there are any leaks, use silicone on the exterior parts of the bottle caps (both the base and the tip). The Teflon tape is just to make the silicone look pretty after it is dried, and, of course, to hold everything tight in place while it is drying.

Here is the end result, in my backyard drying in the warm weather. Iíll post pictures (maybe videos) of it after, doing its job.

i guess this could be inline..but i decided to make both caps face the same way, so basically my bubble counter is screwed onto the bottle

soapscum57 05-15-2009 06:31 AM

couldn't you have just filled the check valve with fluid?

itzjustjeff 05-15-2009 07:00 AM

no because the pressure will just push the water into tubing and into your tank. a check valve is too small to really count bubbles anyway..

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