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hokuryu 01-25-2009 07:08 PM

Newly scaped 20H - plot suggestions, please?
Hi all -

I am hopeful for some suggestions of where to go from here. I started out with an intention to build an asian river biotope, but have changed my mind, and am looking for some additional color in the tank. The current tank - sorry for the pic, the lighting is poor, and the leaves are yellower here than in the tank - e.g., the parva is uniformly thriving, bright, green, happy for how it's going so far:

100% crypts. The background spiralis and balansae have started to run, and I plan on filling out the back entirely with stem crypts and longer plants of other species (see below).

20H, 65W PC 6" over water, CO2 injection, full EI.

I'm getting in some more balansae, retrospiralis, petite nana, and L. aromatica. I've also just come to think of sunset hygro, and thought to plant according to this plot:

I planned on anchoring the nana to the wood, some of it in shade (esp. to right, by the "cave," to get a substantial foregound carpet of parva to the left, leaving the right more sparsely planted foreground, and hopeful for a focal point center left, with the aromatica in midground, and possibly some sunset behind the wood - likely, directly behind the aromatica, instead of to the right, as in the above pic.


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