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TheJohnner 01-03-2009 11:47 PM

Overflow obstacle
Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions for covering/hiding an overflow box that is on the left center side wall? It is 4.5 inches from the front glass pannel and 4.5 from the back. I am currently thinking of thickly planting some val. around it or I guess I could cork board it and attach Java fern. The tank is 75 gals. Better suggestions???

The Johnner

Craigthor 01-03-2009 11:59 PM

cork board and a nice moss and some java fern/ anubias petite would be cool looking

chuukus 01-04-2009 12:05 AM

Im wondering why is it on the side and not a back corner. What type of overflow is it built in or no?

TheJohnner 01-04-2009 12:56 AM

I bought the tank used, and so I think that the overflow was homemade.

Craigthor 01-04-2009 12:58 AM

usually if they are on the side is because the tank was used as a divider viewable from 3 sides. That would put the filtration at the end panel.


jinx© 01-04-2009 01:40 AM

Cork will work but it will sometimes break down over time and some have claimed it leaches chemicals into the tank depending on the type used.

Coarse black filter pad type foam works quite well for attaching plants/mosses and seemed to hold up quite well, as well as blend in nicely.

Green Leaf Aquariums 01-19-2009 03:50 AM

Would you by chance have a photo of your tank overflow?

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