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Newkidonthetank 05-24-2004 03:43 AM

My 10g plant tank
i recently got a 10 gal kit...

incandescent fixture, screwins cp flourescents 2x 10watts, hob filter, and flourite...
got a nice piece of 3leged driftwood...
2 mixed fruit tetras, and 1 neon tetra(oto soon)
upgraded lighting.. to 2x10watt cp lights...
java,apongeton,lily,corkscrew val,1 red melon sword, rotala indica, and ludwig, oh and a crypt or 2... oh and a pinkundersided flower??? no clue...:proud:

nimmie 06-22-2004 01:27 PM

Mixed fruit tetras? Dyed?

Newkidonthetank 06-28-2004 04:12 AM

yes unfortunatly i was ignorant of the dye when i bought them, i will never buy them again, thanks for your concern about the abomination that thoes poor fish went thru to become the fake and malicious colors they are today

tommyboy22481 06-28-2004 03:21 PM

I have a couple of these in my tank because my GF loves them. She doesnt believe me that the fish were dyed. Might as well give them a nice home after the ordeal they went through.

Newkidonthetank 06-29-2004 01:14 AM

hey its only dye, it isnt like they are mutated or somthing, give them a good home and take care of them, i dont mind that they are colored but, i shame the people who did it, but otoh "bicycles with horns sell faster than ones without"
i cant even find white skirt tets here,

reddstagg 07-01-2004 01:58 PM

hey newkidonthetank yes it is only dye, however the process they went through to become dyed is not something that a good fish keeper would want.

I disagree with "give them a good home and take care of them" if you dont buy them then they wont be produced, its unfortunate that you. However luckly you know about them now. Ild get rid of the incandescant lighting seening you have the others.
Also the neon would probally do better with some pals.
And just watch the melon sword, might out grow the tank ;)


Newkidonthetank 07-01-2004 05:38 PM

i didnt mean buy all u can and give them a good home, but i mean now that i have them i wont treat them any diff, no i wont buy more, but the ones i got wont be descriminated against, oh and this weekend i am going to buy 2 more neons and 2 glowlights, plus ide like some puffers for the snails,
oh and thanks for pointing out my mistake, incandescent fixture, but flourescent bulbs,

Newkidonthetank 07-01-2004 05:44 PM

i prob need to start dosing ferts, cuz noting is growing, except the apongetons and the lilys, i want alot more plants, but i cant get up to lincoln for a while, there at petco i am thinking of getting a bottle of hagen plant gro, and some more rotala, if they got it, my sword still hasnt outgrown my tank, it has alot of leaves, its not growing up, its growing more out,
oh and wellbiz if u see this that crypt u gave me is doing great, i even think i reproduced, i got another one that looks like it, but it just could be a little apo,

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