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iGabe 12-04-2008 11:31 PM

1.5G: D-Simplicity the planted nano (Journal)
Hi, I'm new to this forum as well as keeping planted nanos. I would like to setup an iwagumish tank named D-Simplicty because of the scape and low-tech. So here are my plans:

Tank: rimless 1.5 gallon (looks like a pirate version of ADA :eek:)
Light: 15W bulb from a lamp (will upgrade soon)
Filter: a micro pump with some attached media (for biological bacteria)
Heater: no heater (will be a subtropical tank)
Substrate: small-sized gravel (almost looks like sand)
Note: I will be using those fertilizers that you place in the gravel from Azoo.
Fertilizer: will be dosing and utilizing one (don't know the brand)
Co2: co2 tablets once a week
Note: I don't want to many whistles and bells comin' out of my tank. I want it to look as sleek and sexy as possible.

Plants: HC, Java fern and some other plant to put in the back (what plant should I use?)
The HC will be placed in the front (duh) and the java and the other plant in the back corners to hide the pump.
Fish: 2-4x Gold White Cloud, 2x Oto's
1x Trichopisis Pumilus, 2x Oto's
(Would love to have some shrimp, but they're really hard to find here in São Paulo)

Any suggestions would help a lot.

Note: The Goldies are in there temporarily with the air pump.
But what is this plant's name (below)???

FrostyNYC 12-05-2008 01:26 AM

The plant looks like Ambulia to me.

A 1.5 gallon is too small for white clouds. They're very active fish and need a larger tank. They will suffer in a 1.5 gallon.

Also, keep in mind you're definitely going to have to supplement the oto's diet with wafers or vegetables, since there won't be enough algae (or any algae) in that 1.5 gallon brand new tank.

iGabe 12-05-2008 11:29 AM

Yeah, I already have these sinking vegetable/algae granules. I think they will suit nicely for the oto's. Instead of the white clouds, could I use some microrasbora (2-4x)? Yesterday I saw this really tiny fish (white with black dots) it looked like a microrasbora, does anyone know what I'm talking about? Well anyways I would prefer a small school rather than one show fish.
Thanks for the feedback.

iGabe 12-05-2008 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by FrostyNYC (Post 737656)
The plant looks like Ambulia to me.

A 1.5 gallon is too small for white clouds. They're very active fish and need a larger tank. They will suffer in a 1.5 gallon.

Also, keep in mind you're definitely going to have to supplement the oto's diet with wafers or vegetables, since there won't be enough algae (or any algae) in that 1.5 gallon brand new tank.

Yeah I think it's probably a Hydrotriche hottoniiflora

iGabe 12-05-2008 12:11 PM

I have question about my java fern. I think it looks too big for the size of this tank. So looking at the crappy picture I drew on Paint, can I just cut the base of the fern in half? Or will this cause it to rot and die? Because I want to remove the big leaves and some of the base (the base/roots of this fern is weird, it's thin and long. and that makes it difficult to plant)

FrostyNYC 12-06-2008 01:52 AM

You could have a couple microrasbora, but you really want to watch filtration in this tank and keep track of water quality. The other fish you're describing makes me think of the celestial pearl danio. Not sure if thats what you're talking about. They're tiny tiny tiny but shy and expensive.

And yes, rhizome division will work. The portion with the one small leaf will be slower to grow, but it shouldnt die.

iGabe 12-06-2008 02:11 AM

Ok then I will give the rhizome division a try. No it's not the celestial pearl danio (black and red). Finally found a pic of it, here in São Paulo it's called xadrezinho (checkers)
The one I saw was really tiny (1.5-2cm) and it was R$2,70 (US$1.03)
I know that it's commonly used in amazon biotopes

Does anyone have info on this fish (Dicrossus filamentosus)?

iGabe 12-06-2008 02:30 AM

Ok nevermind, screw the checkboard cichlid idea. I've researched some more, and it says that they are VERY sensitive to changes in pH levels and water quality. And that they need well oxygenated water to thrive. Obviously this fish will be super hard to keep in a planted nano :confused1:.

1) pH levels are always changing with the Co2 (after lights out)
2) I'm not sure the tank will be oxygenated enough for this fish (will dose Co2)
3) Uhh, it's just not colorful enough for me (I don't really like dull-colored fish)

So I have plenty of time to choose some fauna for this tank (until it cycles)

Monday I'm going to get a lot of "toys" at my LFS (Flora & Fish)
* Co2 Tablets - R$2,50 each
* Substrate Fertilizer - R$1,80 each
* Micro Pump (6cm) - R$23,00
* A small amount of HC - R$15,00
* Substrate - R$2,00

- Am selling my Goldies to my LFS :icon_cry: (+R$5,00)
Don't want to, but I prefer to use my time with the planted nano

iGabe 12-07-2008 10:35 AM

I have a few questions for the "masters" of panted nano

1) Would a dwarf cory go well with this tank?
2) Are fast currents beneficial in a planted nano?
3) In my conditions:
Co2 tablet 1x/week, Substrate fertilizer in regular sand, 15w+ lighting,
Liquid fertilizer daily, 25-35% water changes 1x/week
Will the HC grow medium-fast?

iGabe 12-07-2008 03:31 PM

So I finally tried the "rhizome divsion" on my java fern. And so far it's doing pretty good.
On one of the rhizomes I noticed these "baby bumps" could they be plantlets?
And the tips of a few leaves beginning to get semi-tansparent, and they have a little curl to them, could anybody tell me what's going on?
I cut A LOT of rhizomes into pieces so I don't know if some are going to rot. Because it used to be one big long rhizome (LOL) and now it's a whole bunch of little rhizomes that I bunched up to get that round bush appeal to it. I also removed some large healthy leaves because I wanted to make the fern look smaller (so my tank doesn't look so tiny) will these leaves grow on their own? Yes, I know it's a stupid question.

iGabe 12-08-2008 11:19 PM

For the very few that are reading my journal and experiencing the same challenges as I am, please follow along. Today I went to my LFS and bought a FEW things. I bought:
1) A rock :) That will support my java fern
2) Substrate
3) Substrate fertilizer from azoo (Azoo condensed additional fertilizer)
4) Co2 tablet
5) A ghost shrimp (camarão fantasma) I really wanted an amano or a RCS but you
can't find them in São Paulo. Yes I know it's way too early to get livestock, but he
will stay in my other small cycled tank. For now, he's my only fauna.

I didn't get the HC yet, cause it wasn't in stock, will probably get it on Weds. I wanted to try the emersed growth on the HC, but I don't think I can handle it after submersed.
Soo here are some crappy pics:

This is the fert I'm using, the guy at my LFS said that I CAN'T break into smaller pieces
But I'm thinking, dude it's just a ball of nutrients and crap, why can't I break it into smaller pieces to spread out evenly on the substrate. So now the question is: Can I break this ball of fert into smaller pieces?

iGabe 12-09-2008 11:18 PM

I went to another LFS and found some Brazilian Micro Sword, for R$ 5,40, so I bought it. It has what seems to be flowers. When I got it, it was emersed. So I don't know if there shall be problems, cause it is now submersed. And today I:
1) Washed and added the substrate
2) Added the azoo fert to the substrate
3) Added the java fern and micro sword
4) Put it the Co2 tablet

Here are some pics of my temporary layout:

I'll add HC as soon as it gets here

But I have a question about the micro sword, how do you take it apart? Cause when I took it out of the pot, I found it impossible to spread the plantlets apart because the roots were so dense and attached to each other. And I spread it apart as much as I could. So how is it done?

mpodolan 12-09-2008 11:28 PM

You can just pull the plantlets apart. Try to keep the roots as intact as possible, but some damage to them won't really matter. They're relatively hardy. As long as some of the root is still intact, they'll grow back just fine. The more you spread them out/plant them individually, the faster they'll form a nice carpet. I've done this lots of time in my 10g.

iGabe 12-09-2008 11:36 PM

Thanks mpodolan, I'll do that as soon as my HC gets here (I'll have to take the tant apart to plant). As soon as this tank cycles I'll add my ghost shrimp first. Then maybe later some tiny tetra (Can't get micro rasbora).

Down_Shift 12-10-2008 04:41 AM

Wow nice start

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