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Rolo 05-20-2004 01:57 AM

I'm looking into the "Amano" approach to substrates.

He uses his own product called power sand, which I think most of you are familiar of, but probably have never used it since it isn't available in N. America. :( . Basically it is primarily composed of peat and pumice with a few other additives. It is most commonly used as the bottom layer, usually placed under Aqua Soil (another ADA product?), or some other baked clay substrate like fluorite. I found this quote on another forum talking about it benefits:


...semi-organic mix with mostly pumice and peat. The combination is powerful in that you establish a nutrient storehouse that can recycle nutrients and provide an optimum [acidic] environment in the substrate solution.
And of course, Amano uses it so it must be good. :) .

Just wondering if anyone has tried making their own power sand or know of any sites that provide the how to.


Wasserpest 05-20-2004 03:24 AM

I believe this was going into this direction...

But I could be totally wrong. :wink:

bullosa 05-24-2004 03:57 PM

ADA's Power Sand Special is a very good base. Not only is it a an enriched base but it also contains micro bacteria colonies that help root growth and health. I highly recommend it.

I have mixed my own to cut cost with river sand and JBL's Florapur. JBL's florapur is basically clay and fertilizer that is phosphate and nitrate free. I topped them with ADA's Aquasoil.

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corigan 05-24-2004 05:58 PM

It still amazes me with this hobby gathering as much steam and following in N. America that there is still so many products that have yet to be imported. I would love to try some of this substrate out one day, maybe someone can get with the program and start importing ADA products over here.


bullosa 05-25-2004 05:48 AM

I heard that ADA will be available in the US soon from a forum at, this should be goodnews to the US planted tank enthusiasts. Dennerle and JBL of Europe offers some serious products for the planted tanks too.


SCMurphy 05-25-2004 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by Wasserpest
I believe this was going into this direction...

But I could be totally wrong. :wink:

I've been waiting for an update of that thread.

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