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qbal18 02-07-2003 07:26 PM

i have 2 german and 2 blue rams well had 2 german now i am pretty shure they have a parasite or something but they are slowly turning a little darker and the german ram i belive it looks like he has kinda lost his bak musele, he looks very skinny im not shure but it dose look like he is breathing very hevely.

for my water cond ph6.6-6.8 kh50-60 nh3,no3,no2 are all very low(hardly show)

my fish load of the 50g tanks are
5 carinal tetra
5 rummy nose tetre
6 rasboras
1 platy 1 sword tail
2 blak mollys
3 rossy barbs
2 blue guramies
3 ottos 3 s.a.e.
1 placo
and the rams

i have some of thet life bearer medicen for flukes and fish licce but i am gusing that is not what they have. any one have any sugestions

SNPiccolo5 02-07-2003 09:21 PM

How long have you had them? Rams don't live too long, 2 years is a long time for them. Also, if you haven't had them that long, do you know what the sexes of each of them are? If you have more than one male, it can be hard to keep one from eventually killing the other. Also, I am not very aware of a difference between german rams and blue rams, for I have always seen them labeled, and talked of them, as german blue rams, so who knows!


qbal18 02-07-2003 09:52 PM

I am not shure of the sex of each fish but i dont think that was the problem they look sick
here is a pic of hte remaining one it is of low quality though
sick ram

SNPiccolo5 02-07-2003 10:35 PM

Hmmm, do you know how old they are?? If you got them all around the same time, that might explain it... If you add some Pottasium Chloride to the water, that would help with the osmotic balance and maybe relieve some stress from him..


qbal18 02-07-2003 11:33 PM

i belive they are young not that old i got them around christmas and have been doing fin until about 2 weeks ago they i added themm on chritsmas eav then a few cardinals in the begining of jan and a feww rasboras in the middle i do not think that is to many or to fats for a 6 month old 50g tank

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