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Manda99 08-04-2008 01:07 AM

This can't be good... possible worm in my Oto??
Two of my Otos were stuck to the glass today and one was obviously thinner. When I looked closer, at first I thought I was seeing it's ribs because it was so skinny. Then I realized that didn't make much sense and then... OMG, it's a worm. Please tell me it's not. I don't know what else it could possibly be. Or what to do about it. I got this Oto about two weeks ago. There's a set of 4 in the tank there were all bought together. No other fish - just red cherry shrimp.

OverStocked 08-04-2008 02:54 AM

I think you are attributing entirely too much size to this animals stomach. Worms exist in the stomach, or they quickly kill the organism. So, I would worry about it being skinny, no more.

frogmanjared 08-04-2008 02:56 AM

If you're talking about the one on the right, then it's fine, not that skinny. Those aren't ribs or worms, it's the intestines (herbivores have long coiled intestines).

lauraleellbp 08-04-2008 03:39 AM

I don't see any worms in that pic, and the Otos look pretty good.

rmc 08-04-2008 10:49 AM

I don't see any worms but that's an excellent photo. Nice job.

Manda99 08-04-2008 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by rmc (Post 659741)
I don't see any worms but that's an excellent photo. Nice job.

LOL. Well, thanks. =) I used my Canon P&S (SD1100 IS) because it's got a digital macro mode that lets me get in closer than I can with my dSLR since I don't have a macro lens.

So you guys are all saying I'm nuts and paranoid? ;)

You don't see how thing wrong with that weird ribbed look on his body and the dark red on his throat area? I'm leaving for vacation in four days and I'm a little concerned it will die will I'm gone and then end up rotting in the tank for over a week and killing everything else off.

I'm a big fan of worst case scenarios. :redface:

Mangala 08-04-2008 02:47 PM

No, not much wrong with him. He's just not as plump as the guy next to him. Give him a week to catch up!

lauraleellbp 08-04-2008 03:19 PM

I can see the ribs on the suction cups like that on most of my Otos. And mine are pretty fat guys and gals =)

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