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susantroy1 07-04-2008 01:05 AM

Fish Supplier for Floridians @ $7 DHL Overnight!!
Hey guys

I happen to come across this link when I was asking for Cardinal Tetras in quantity. A poster gave it to me and for sure Its a deal!! I'm getting 75 Cardinal Tetras for 77.25 delivered overnight. He Charges $7 for overnight ground shipping within Florida!! :thumbsup:


chase127 07-04-2008 01:09 AM

wow thanks man! finally found a cheap way to order fish

waterfaller1 07-04-2008 08:45 AM

susantroy1 07-04-2008 04:56 PM

Thanks for the link Waterfaller:thumbsup: I'll let you all know my experiences as well


James1986 01-23-2009 11:11 AM

thanks a lot for spreading the word

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