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bgssamson 03-31-2004 03:53 PM

:?: Does any body in here tried to DYI a 10g tank by putting 2 15w Flouricent bulb?

My hood came from a 10 gallon tank complete set from walmart that has (1) 15watts flourescent strip light. I would like to add another 15 watts to the existing fixture.

Thank you! :D

ninoboy 03-31-2004 04:16 PM

The original fixture is kind of tight to add another one.

I added one Slimline fixture right in front of the original fixture and Overdrive them. You have a glass top do you? If not just get one with another light fixture and a glass top.

cich 03-31-2004 04:20 PM

Yeah I doubled up the tubes in one fixture, and it wasn't too good. Not much more intensity, if any, than the single I had.

bgssamson 03-31-2004 05:54 PM

"You have a glass top do you?"

- No mine is just a hard plastic.

Do you have a DIY instruction with pictures on how did you do yours? If you do can you post it or email me?


ninoboy 03-31-2004 06:17 PM

My wife takes my dig. camera for vacation so I'll try to explain to you. It's not really a DIY project unless you overdrive the bulbs. Basically, you just buy a glass cover for 10gl tank (at Petsmart, maybe Walmart) or cut yourself a piece of glass to cover the top. Remove the original light fixture from the plastic cover and place it on top of the glass cover. Then, just buy another 20" light fixture (I use Coralife Slimline from Petsmart) and put it in front of the original one. So basically the top of the tank is covered by light fixture. You can get 20" light fixture at Home depot or fish stores. Since I want a very high lighting, I overdrived them following this article :
Just follow the second diagram if you decide to go for it.

digger 03-31-2004 06:36 PM

I've upgraded a 15 watt striplight to 2x13 watt CF. It works great and probably has 4x the intensity of a 15 watt NO.

bgssamson 03-31-2004 07:01 PM

If you don't mind, Can you give me the instruction with pictures?



ninoboy 03-31-2004 10:55 PM

I'll try as much as I can using these link.
Glass top :;in_merch=1

Light fixture :;in_merch=1

Basically, you use 2 light fixture on the glass top.

You can get both item at fish store or Petsmarts.

BUT, since you don't have anything yet, you may follow Digger suggestion by using Compact flourescent light. You just buy the fixture and it looks like :
It doesn't cost much at all.

bgssamson 04-01-2004 08:33 PM

Thank you all for your help! I will try this.

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