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KFryman 04-13-2014 07:00 AM

Light Fixtures Recommendations
I recently received a Aquatop rimless bowfront 8.7 gallon tank. It's 18 inches long. I'm not too sure on depth and width, maybe 12 inches, but I need a light fixture for it, preferably led. I was looking into getting a Fugeray planted +, however I would either have to get a 16" model or a 20". I would offset it and may set up a little Pico tank up on the side if I went this route. I would like to have medium low light and for now I don't want to mess with co2. I am gonna have reds in the tank so I feel that the planted + would complement plants such as sunset Hydro, hopefully I can get my hands on ludwigia sp red.

Anyways I would like to get opinions on light fixtures that would be suitable for what I am looking to set up. Any recommendations and advice would be appreciated.

Raymond S. 04-13-2014 10:14 AM

In the BML you can get as many reds as you want to but the Planted+ has just a few of them. Which is more than none as in what the others have. Red LED's don't register on PAR meters so no data exist on the Planted+ but I would think it to be equal to the Fugeray in PAR so that can be checked on to see what you would get.
Assuming that you wanted the other tank to have the same light level, you can just raise it if it's too much.

Hoppy 04-13-2014 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by Raymond S. (Post 5758170)
Red LED's don't register on PAR meters so no data exist on the Planted+

The last I read from Finnex, the reason for no PAR data on the Planted+ is that the person/company they relied on to do their PAR testing is no longer doing that. They were looking for someone else to do it at that time - a few months ago.

Finnex PAR data was measured with the LI COR PAR meter, which does measure the red light that is within the 400-700 nm spectral range for PAR. It is the Apogee Quantum PAR meter that misses some of the red light near 700 nm.

KFryman 04-13-2014 10:09 PM

I think I want to go with Finnex because they are a much cheaper alternative to BML, though in the future that may be an option if I decide to go the higher light option.

Thanks for clearing that up Hoppy. I've seen that people say that the Planted plus is somewhere in between the Ray 2 and Fugeray. The only problem I have is the options for the planted+ don't fit perfectly on the tank. I either have to go with hanging a 16" fixture or possibly getting a 20" and moving the mounting brackets inwards so there would be a 1 inch over hang on each side. I am thinking with going with the latter because it would mean much less work in setting up the tank.

lamiskool 04-13-2014 10:26 PM

get the current sat plus, it comes in 18" and will give you low-med light with the option to dim it and even change colors.

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