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Acurel 02-04-2014 08:32 PM

CONTEST - thru Feb 14th

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we are hosting a contest all about breeding. Enter through Friday, February 14th. Good luck!


For those who have had the experience of breeding, please post up to 3 photos from your process (parents, eggs, fry, etc.) and briefly describe your experience. Did the parents breed successfully? How many of the fry survived? And most importantly, please share your best tip for a novice breeder.

For those who are interested in diving into breeding, please post a picture of the fish you are hoping to breed, and describe why you are interested in trying your hand at breeding.


1 "Experienced Breeder" Winner - $50 in ACUREL Products to help keep your fry healthy and thriving!

1 "Aspiring Breeder" Winner - $50 in ACUREL Products to help set you up for success!


Entrants must be residents of USA or Canada. Winners will be asked to supply a mailing address (no PO Boxes) for shipment of the prizes. Products included in the prize packages will be selected by ACUREL staff.

SmellsFishy 02-07-2014 01:11 AM

The fish I plan on breeding are GOLD BARBS!
(Sorry for the bad quality, I just woke them up. And it's a bad camera.)

All of my current fish breeding experience has been with live bearers. Recently, I've got ahold of six gold barbs. I love the personality in these fish! I plan on breeding on a small scale but if it works out well, I want to make these guys a new project of mine!

Kat12 02-07-2014 01:29 AM

Can you tell us more about your products and how the prizes could be cashed in, I searched within 100 miles of me and no locations came up, does that mean I couldn't use it?

Acurel 02-10-2014 07:40 PM

Contest Winner
Thanks for your question about how to receive products if you are a winner. We will be sending you some pre-selected items if you are chosen.

rustbucket 02-10-2014 10:57 PM

I'll enter as an experienced breeder :)

One of the maybe daddies.

and two of the babies

Took a few tries, but the parents eventually spawned in a 20 gallon tank (biggest breeding tank I have) I did not get many eggs. First time and all I may have been impatient. I ended up with over 30 eggs, but after a few mishaps, I believe I am at 27, which is a great number for me :)

Fry are still growing, and are almost big enough to add with the main school.

tip for breeders, get the water right, though a fish may live happily in harder or softer water then they were born in, they may not necessarily spawn in it. And be patient, you're asking for a lot from these fish, treat them well.

.KeepItShrimple 02-12-2014 10:18 AM

This is a first photo of a few tetras living peacefully with fire red shrimps.

It first started when I was doing my regular water change. I'm running a canister filter in a 28g euro bowfront tank with different kinds of small sized tetras and fire red shrimps. I'm interested in tetras as they do not make a lot of wastes in my planted tank and for their colorations.

I found a few frys hiding in this gap of lava rocks where the sands is sloping. They must be hiding from the parent fish. I was able to use a straw to safely siphon the frys out and put it into a breeder tank. I feed first bites and crushed flakes. Unfortunately they didn't lived long to be identified which tetras it belong to as I have embers, neons, black light, pristella, & von rio tetra and a few other not sure the names.

My water ph is 6.4 and Gh is 5. Temperature stays 72F in the room. I have pre-filter on my filter intake for future frys and baby shrimps. These fishes are difficult to breed. It's hard to save the eggs as soon as it's layed they become caviars meal unless it's fallen into a gap where the other fish can't get into. That's where I found the baby survivors. Till this day I'm still looking out for survivors when I'm feeding and doing water changes.

Acurel 02-14-2014 07:12 PM

Thanks for all of the entries. Will post the winners names on Monday!

susankat 02-14-2014 08:45 PM

A little late but here's mine.

Sturisoma Pamanease

Adult pair. Fairly easy to breed as long as parameters are kept in check

The eggs are deposited on the glass most of the time but once in awhile will drop a few in the plants

There are usually 12 to 15 eggs laid and will hatch in 3 to 5 days, depending on the temp of the tank. I have found the fry to be healthier if they don't hatch till the 5th day.

Fry are hard to raise as they are lazy feeders. I usually make a paste out of spirulina powder and put all over the sides of the glass where the fry hangs out.

So far have raised 28 to a size big enough to sell.

MamaJu 02-15-2014 03:39 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Hope it's not too late for the contest. I just noticed it.

I'm new fish husbandry. This is my first successful time breeding any kind of fish. I don't count Guppies or Platies because it happened by accident :)

Mom is red and blue.. she's beaten up but survived.
Attachment 274738

Father is white with blue fins.
Attachment 274746

Put them together in a 20 gallon tank. Dad made a bubble nest in the corner and they got busy. They both swam around for a while scooping the eggs into their mouths and blowing the eggs into the nest... very loving parents. But when the honeymoon was over Dad chased the Mom away so we have to remover her from the tank.

Dad continued to scoop up eggs that fell out of the nest for 2 - 3 days. We tried to feed him but he ignored the food. About 30 fries hatched. Dad would still scoop up the fry and return them to the nest. He would chew food and spit it out for the fries to eat too. It was amazing. We feed the fries with some fry food.

We left all the fries in the planted 20 gallon tank with Dad for about a month with panty hose on the intake filter of our Eheim canister. Then we noticed that he started to chase them around so we tried to remove as many of the fries as we could. Only about 9 survived.

We added other fish back into the 20 gallon and Dad stopped chasing the remaining baby betta in the tank. Currently one of the female baby betta still lives in the tank with daddy. We left her since she seems to get along with all the other fish.

Pictures of the babies... Sorry for the poor quality (my daughter and I were in a hurry to get entered into the contest ;)
Attachment 274754
Attachment 274762
Attachment 274770

Now I want to try breeding other fancier kinds of fish.

Zapins 02-15-2014 04:28 AM

Hopefully I'm not too late :)


For those who have had the experience of breeding, please post up to 3 photos from your process (parents, eggs, fry, etc.) and briefly describe your experience. Did the parents breed successfully? How many of the fry survived? And most importantly, please share your best tip for a novice breeder.
Experienced Breeder:

I bred common kribs, they are fairly easy to breed. Breeding tips for beginners? They are most easily triggered to spawn by high quality food for about two weeks and several large slightly cooler than normal water changes (4 degrees or so cooler than normal tank temperature). If you give them a small pot or piece of driftwood they'll usually spawn in it. I hatched baby brine shrimp out every day with my DIY hatchery to feed them. When the fry are about half an inch long I fed them beef heart and flake food. I was able to keep about 90% alive so I ended up with about 40 kribs.

Mom, Dad & fry:

One of the fry all grown up!:

Acurel 02-17-2014 04:37 PM

And the winners are...
Thank you to everyone that posted their photos and stories! We enjoyed reading and viewing.

Winner for Aspiring Breeder category - Mama Ju
Winner for Experienced Breeder category - Keep It Shrimple

Mama Ju and Keep It Shrimple, please send an email to Include your mailing address (no P.O. boxes please) and an email and phone number.

Keep up the good work!

peachii 02-19-2014 06:55 PM

I didn't see this contest but wanted to say thank you. Next time you host a contest maybe an announcement in the upper parts of the forum would get more notice and entries. :)

peachii 02-19-2014 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by Zapins (Post 5319554)
Hopefully I'm not too late :)

Mom, Dad & fry:

That is one AMAZING picture, seriously.

Zapins 02-19-2014 07:30 PM

Thanks :)

Acurel 02-20-2014 04:28 PM

Thank you for the tip, we'll do that next time. We plan to host very regular contests this year so keep your eyes out!

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